Professional care provider

Wishing to guarantee and optimise operations within your care organisation? This is exactly why we take the greatest care when installing our LynX® Ecosystem in your care environment.

One device for your care staff, one application, user friendly and reliable, easy to use in monitoring all relevant alarms and alerts. That is exactly what this application is all about.

LynX® should be considered as a layer on top of all other systems. After all, it gathers all alarms, detects, analyses and reports to the customer. It takes into account the user profile, this person’s specific needs and delivers all notifications on a single screen, such as your smartphone. Convenience and efficiency are core values within our organisation and these are guaranteed by LynX®.

Care Loop

The care and welfare scene faces tremendous changes, including demographic evolution, budget restrictions and organisational challenges. The care loop is involved in this and offers a number of advantages. Thanks to LynX®, all those in need of care living near a hospital or institution are monitored and assisted 24/7. This benefits the elderly, people with dementia, as well as those with a physical or mental handicap. Thanks to LynX® these people can continue living at home more safely, more comfortably and for longer.