The resident can issue an emergency signal at any time and from anywhere using our automated care system. Preventive, proactive and active protocols are incorporated into our LynX® System. This allows the resident to enjoy a better quality of life and greater safety.


We equip the home with sensors that monitor your behavioural patterns. If there is any disruption to ‘normal’ behaviour, the application immediately issues an alarm. These alarm notifications are dispatched to your family or professional caregivers according to their urgency, importance and people’s availability. This means you will
always receive help as quickly as possible.


The LynX® Home configuration is tailored to your needs thanks to our various packages. You choose where the sensors are placed in your home and which devices you wish to use. Decide for yourself which contacts you wish to be connected to.


Choosing to remain living at home saves you lots of money. No expensive institution, simply lower living costs and a home adapted to your needs and wishes.


Your caregiver is on standby 24 hours a day. Whenever you need help, you simply press a smart button, which immediately informs your personal caregiver of the emergency. Thanks to the care phone, application, camera images or voice connection you remain in constant contact with those close to you.


At LynX® Home, there is no question of invading your privacy. You maintain your quality of life and autonomy. All required devices can be integrated very discretely in your surroundings. The look and feel of our automated care system allows smooth integration of the products within
your home.

At home for longer

LynX® Home ensures that you can continue to live at home for longer. This means there’s no need to say goodbye to your familiar surroundings, neighbours and friends. You remain in charge of your own home and make your own decisions regarding which changes you require.