Automatic logging

Data logging is the process of collecting and storing data over a given period of time in order to analyse specific trends or record the system's data-based incidents. It can be used to monitor all interactions in which data, files or applications are stored, opened or modified. The automatic data recording identifies all the data that are necessary to make correct decisions that further the company's operations.

2. Algorithms

LynX® Home designs software that is able to think for itself. Artificial Intelligence essentially simulates human intelligence processes, using the computer system to complete specific tasks. LynX® Home recognises patterns and addresses abnormalities through extensive algorithms. The information is subject to automatic and immediate analysis, in order to process the alarms and notifications within an organisation as effectively as possible.


Tailor-made configuration and a range of receiver options ensure that alert notifications arrive at the correct recipient, depending on the urgency, importance and availability.


As an organisation grows, so does the number of servers, devices and services. That's why it is essential to automatically monitor these devices and catalogue the functioning of CPR systems, electrodes, automatic defibrillators and the LynX® Home Medical Wearables. LynX® Home focuses on monitoring the activity, capacity and health of the applications, regardless of the type of installation, on a physical server or in the cloud.