Informal caregiver

Informal caregivers benefit from the implementation of our LynX® System. They receive automatic alerts in the event of the resident sending an emergency signal. We offer camera surveillance, flexibility and potential access to professional care in order to give greater peace of mind.

Guaranteed operation

The technology works continuously and never fails, thanks to the extensive redundancy provision. If the internet connection is interrupted, the system switches to the mobile network and then to text messages. You can reach your loved ones, informal caregiver or professional care provider at any time.

Peace of mind

You know at all times and from anywhere how your loved ones are doing. The automatic alerts allow an immediate response if there is any change to normal behaviour.

Connection to home-care authority

Home nurses use this system in order to remain in direct contact with the resident. They know their patient and every detail in the file. They can also check stored data and follow this up where necessary.

Updates via the app

Using the app, family, informal caregivers and home nurses know how the resident is doing at any time.